POLAR DRY ICE is a supplier of DRY ICE products, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Originally set-up to supply dry pellets for our Dry Ice Blasting business, we have expanded our range to cater to the many and varied applications of this amazing product.

Dry Ice is made by expanding liquid Carbon Dioxide which creates a snow-like product and then compressing this "snow" at very high pressure and extruding the compressed product through various size dies to form the Dry Ice pellets that we use.

Dry ice is a "Very Cool" product and has some unique and useful properties.

It is very cold, -79.8 degrees celsius

Dry Ice sublimates when it breaks down, which means that it transforms from solid to a gas, without producing any liquid - it's very Dry.

There are many applications for DRY ICE

Dry Ice blasting - used to clean where it is not possible to use water, chemicals or abrasives.

For camping and fishing where normal refrigeration may not be available. Dry ice will keep food and supplies cold without leaving it damp.

To transport frozen goods where refrigeration is not available - vaccines, organs for transplant, animal semen, aircraft refrigeration.

For special effects for weddings, dances and halloween celebrations.

In the hospitality industry to create exotic food and drink presentation effects.

In engineering to shrink bearings and close fitting components into place.

Twice as Nice - with Dry Ice