Attention Educators

DRY ICE adds fun to learning. Experiments with DRY ICE make learning fun. Kids and adults alike enjoy the way it responds when added to liquids.

DRY ICE teaches the principles of Chemistry easily and cost effectively, through real life demonstrations.

As it is made from Carbon Dioxide (CO2), it aids in teaching about gas and its important role on our planet.

Fun Facts about CO2

  • It is a colourless, odourless gas found in our atmosphere. 
  • Humans Breathe out about 1 kg of CO2 daily.
  • CO2 makes soft drinks bubble.
  • CO2 is used in fire extinguishers
  • It is used to make DRY ICE
  • Plants convert CO2 to Oxygen during photosynthesis.

Some Ideas for the classroom

  • Teach students about sublimation (The process of turning from solid to gas without going through a liquid state) by putting dry ice in liquid  this will give a special fogging effect to a glass of water, but won’t make the glass of water overflow as the dry ice melts. 
  • Make awesome foggy, soapy displays using DRY ICE and dishwashing liquid.
  • Add DRY ICE to a large bowl and create a spooky brew.
  • Make ICE CREAM on a hot day using DRY ICE